Saturday, March 16, 2013

Announcing the birth of another blog

Yeah, like anyone would care about that.

For 2013 I resolved to read and review 52 books. That’s going well so far. But there have been a few unexpected results. The best is that I seem to be getting back into the habit of writing.

Unfortunately, many of the things I'm writing aren't particularly relevant to a blog on books. My choices seem to be repurposing the blog or starting another. I've picked the latter, and you're looking at it.

Initially the main focus here will be working and surviving in the morass of the 21st century computing industry. I currently work at the University of Michigan, but have been a solo consultant, a programming grunt, a hellacious UNIX systems administrator, a director of development, a principal in a startup, and pretty much everything in between. On good days, that gives me some perspective. On bad days, it makes for some creative and entertaining whining.

Over time, you should expect writings on life, religion, politics, and anything else except book review. On all those points, both perspective and entertaining whining are better than a sharp stick in the eye.

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